Put an End to DME Prior Authorization Problem with the Sunknowledge Approach

DME Prior Authorization
DME Prior Authorization

Even today physicians are still experiencing significant challenges in their prior authorization as far as resources and time are concerned. This is because with the constant healthcare evaluation and changing billing rules and regulations payers are inconsistent with how codes are used in order to communicate the authorization status, any kind of errors, and the need for clinical documentation to prove medical necessity which is a major barrier to end-to-end automation. Furthermore, with payers constantly increasing the list of treatment and procedures for the prior authorization request it is further complicates the whole prior authorization process. As a patient might end up with different treatment which can only be resolved only when coding has been completed which ens up to denial. In fact, it becomes extremely difficult for authorization experts to keep track of all the new authorization regulations and codes along with administrative burdens. This is why most of the healthcare practices are more open to outsourcing their DME prior authorization process.

Moreover, there is also numerous prior authorizing solution that is cost-effective and better than in-house biller handling all your authorization complication in no time. Saving you from wasting huge resources and your time on investments in technology, software, etc. In fact, an organization like Sunknowledge Services Inc a leading RCM solution that specialized in handling billing, prior authorization, and collection process for more than 28 medical billing specialties also helps in 80% of client’s operational cost reduction and seamless authorization solution

In fact, partnering with Sunknowledge Services for DME prior authorization services additional help your practice by :

· Ensuring accurate requirement of documentation that is needed for the authorization process in closing the authorization gaps faster and efficiently

· Adjustment of the volume of requirements

· Helping in improving operational transparency

· Automation through standardized processes

· Helping you manage a better patient care and continuity of patient care

Ensuring 100% authorization submission on the same day and an increased rate by 1.5–2x, our experts further ensure a 99.9% accuracy rate in the complete DME prior authorization process.

Taking care of all your authorization initiation, approval, and submission, we take the complete responsibility of ensuring the highest productivity metrics in the industry,

So, if you are looking to improve your DME prior authorization at a cost-effective rate of $7 per hour, we are the perfect one-stop destination.

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