Sunknowledge the Ultimate Hospital Accounts Receivable Support

In this current situation, the biggest problems of a healthcare practice are to settle its payments and ensure a faster reimbursement rate in the best possible way. Furthermore, with the rising healthcare cost on an everyday basis and labor shortage due to the new regulations- where many workers are receiving more benefits from the government than what they were receiving in their job; today finding the perfect team that can help you deal with all these problems is becoming the real challenge. However, all these can be resolved with Sunknowledge services Inc by your side.

Sunknowledge mastering all your billing and hospital accounts receivables:

Taking complete responsibility of your billing, coding, collection, accounts receivable etc process, Sunknowledge is a complete HIPAA compliant solution serving many leading names across the US today. With years of expertise and knowledge of the adjudication mandates and a complete understanding of the claims form (UB — 04), Sunknowledge experts not only ensure cleaner and timely claims submission but also better claims management solutions.

Though finding experienced billers and certified coders as well as operational cost reduction remains the primary and constant issues in healthcare practices, managing hospital accounts receivable is also one of the major issues for which Sunknowledge services Inc is the perfect solution.

Reducing your chances of errors and also delays in the reimbursement rates, we further work on 99.9 % accuracy rate.

In fact, for better hospital account receivable and years of working with both payers and providers our understanding of different guidelines followed by payers for authorization, rules with various insurance payers, per diem rates, case rates, DRG etc we further helps you ensures a seamless billing and collection process which no other Revenue Cycle Management solution can offers.

Further with no writes-offs, our experts with robust reporting daily, weekly and monthly and analyzing your billing problems, our experts works on enhancing your billing management within one month’s time. Reducing your accounts receivable bucket by 30% within a month’s time, we further have the highest productivity metrics.

So why wait? Get help from our experts and experience a better hospital account receivable in no time that too at just 1% of collections. With our no cost dedicated accounts manager, you further experience 80% operational cost reduction and highest productivity metrics opting for us as your hospital accounts receivable partners.

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